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Chemical Overspray Protection Honolulu

In many aspects of life, prevention is the best protection. Even with carpet flooring, that line of thinking holds.

Your rugs and flooring take a beating every day. Whether the floors are in high foot traffic areas, or you have heavy furniture digging into it, your carpets are wearing out a little from typical items.

While you can’t account for all potential hazards, you can reduce what stains adhere to fibers and help mitigate lasting damages. When you need to protect your carpet flooring, you need Rescue One Restoration.

We offer lasting defenses with a straightforward application that prevents stains and odors from settling in the first place. With the best chemical overspray protection services, let us shield your carpets for longer.

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Why Carpet Overspray Protection?

Once we’ve applied our overspray protection solution, you’ll notice a reduction in stains as contaminants find it more challenging to stick to carpet fibers. That means that any messes that occur, from living room meals to pets and kids, will remain on the top of the surface rather than seeping down into the padding.

Not only will that make it easier to clean, but it will prevent premature wear and tear from occurring. Even footprints will not last as long as before, and your flooring will remain more resilient to damage.

You’ll notice that routine vacuuming will finish faster because more contaminants will stay at the surface. Not only will carpets remain clean for longer, but you’ll end chores sooner as well.

After our application, your carpets will not need to get serviced nearly as frequently. When you need lasting protection for your flooring, our overspray solution is the ideal choice for more homeowners.

Will Overspray Last?

Unfortunately, like all cleaning products, your overspray barrier will not last forever. We recommend having our technicians apply your overspray solution at least every couple of years, or immediately after we steam clean for the best results.

As people or pets walk across the protected floor, it will wear away a small portion of the spray. And although it is intended to block stains, each new spill will reduce its effectiveness.

However, you will find that the application process doesn’t take very long at all. Calling us for another application is a quick and affordable way to prevent your carpets from wearing out.

Call Rescue One Restoration today for the best in carpet defense that won’t break the bank. Before you spend a fortune replacing your home’s carpets, we can restore and protect them for longer.