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Oahu Mold Remediation Services

Ensuring that mold growth gets eliminated from your home isn’t just challenging, but it’s potentially dangerous work. That is why more homeowners recommend calling the experts at Rescue One Restoration to keep you and your family safe.

Store-purchased products may merely mask the odor of mold, leaving it intact. When you need peace of mind that every spore is gone, you need to call us first before anyone else.

Our team has over 32 years of mold remediation experience, giving you the best technicians for any situation. When you hire us, there’s never any doubt that your family will remain safe.

Call us 24-hours every day for your best mold remediation service or receive a free quote. If you are concerned about possible mold growth in your home, we always get to the bottom of the problem.

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Mold Damage Protection

If you have visibly seen mold or recently discovered a hidden leak somewhere, you may need us to protect yourself. Professional mold removal is the sole way to protect your family, employees, or customers from harm when they enter your building.

Even if you’re unsure what the cause might be, we can understand your problem and offer the best solutions possible. We do our best to remove all odors and moisture and grow mold spores that keep you ill.

Whether you have a washing machine that backed up and flooded the room below, or you suffered through a significant storm, we can remove it all. Don’t hesitate another moment and call us for the best local mold removal company.

What To Do When You Find Mold

Your first reaction may be to try and dry the mold out with fans. Although you want the surface to dry, circulating air may wind up moving the spores further throughout the home.

Even if it’s only been a day or two since you experienced water damage, the mold may already have begun growing. Call us immediately as soon as you discover wall, ceiling, or floor damage from water.

If you aren’t sure if an area has the potential to grow mold, your best bet is to call us anyways. It’s better to find out that you are worried about nothing rather than ignore a severe problem.

Homes that contain slow plumbing leaks or dripping fixtures, or homes that remain humid are the most at-risk for mold growth. When you need a mold inspection completed right away, we are always available for you.

Mold Remediation Tips

If you spot mold areas and clean them now, use bleach and hot water only. General use cleaners are not capable enough to safely remove it.

If your mold problem remains in just one room, keep the door closed to prevent further spread. Even if your home stays in relatively good shape, you may want to inform your insurance company regarding your findings.

Finally, you’ll want to call our team for comprehensive mold remediation services. We also offer water damage restoration, home reconstruction services, contents pack-outs, and more restoration options.

We remain a top choice in local home remediation services. Our team is fully licensed and insured, and we can protect you and your family from more types of damage.

Why Fear Mold?

You might ask what the big deal is if you find a little mold growing in your home. However, for such a small issue, it can have lasting effects.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Center for Disease Control have found numerous health concerns related to mold. If you see yourself struggling with any of the following symptoms, your home may already remain at risk:

  • Chronic Headaches
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Persistent Coughing
  • Reoccurring Cold Symptoms
  • Irritated Breathing Passages & Eyes
  • Worsened Asthma Conditions
  • Lung Inflammation
  • Irritated Skin
  • Chronic Allergy Problems
  • Infection
  • And Other Health Concerns

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Expert Mold Removal

Mold removal is more than identifying where mold is growing, but knowing its variety and ensuring that it gets eliminated. Structural concerns mean that some areas must be ripped down and rebuilt in some situations.

We use several techniques to make the most of your service all. When you choose us, we’ll determine the best course of action for you regarding:

  • Cause/Source of Mold
  • The scope of the Issue
  • Type/Variety of the Mold
  • Structural Concerns

Our cleaning process begins with a thorough assessment of your home to identify what we’re dealing with, as well as any affected areas you might not have noticed yet. Once our technician knows more, we can contain the issue and inform you of your best options.

HEPA filters are the industry standard for cleaning mold, spores, and particles, ensuring they get removed without the fear of spreading them. Because mold is a living collection of spores, it develops ways of rooting itself to what is causing it to thrive.

The safest way to prevent mold from returning is to dispose of anything that has been affected. After removing the problem, you may want to have your air ducts cleaned as well to prevent lingering spores from taking hold.

We work with you to develop a moisture management plan, keeping future mold growth from occurring. Once the issue gets safely handled, you can move on to the reconstruction process.

Finally, before we’re happy with the results, we’ll test your home for lingering moisture damage, odors, and visible mold growth.

Why Do I Have Mold?

Mold has many causes, and after 32 years of remediation service experience, we’ve seen them all. The root of most mold issues is hidden plumbing problems that have continued without your notice.

Darker rooms and crawlspaces, especially in higher humidity areas, may have trapped air that is ideal growing conditions. Or, if you recently had flood or storm damage, these areas may get even moister and at-risk.

Exterior wall, siding, and roof cracks always lead to water damage. Where there is water damage, there is likely mold growth.

Whatever the reason for your mold growth, Rescue One Restoration is still the best choice for your concerns. You can contact us 24-hours every day or schedule us online.