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Insurance Claim Assistance

Following a disaster or damage to your home, the structural concerns aren’t the only frustrations you’ll face. Dealing with insurance agents or claim adjusters is rarely an event that you enjoy handling by yourself.

Luckily for you, Rescue One Restoration has had decades of experience in speaking with insurance companies, as well as assisting homeowners with filling out their claims. When you need to know that you’re maximizing your application and reducing your out-of-pocket expenses, we are here for you every day.

Whether you have smoke and fire damage, water damage, mold growth, or any other issues, you need help fast without the additional costs. We can ensure that your home gets attended to as soon as possible and that you can save as much as you can on your repairs.

You can finally speak with your insurance provider without fear that you’re making yourself liable for more issues. Instead, we can simplify the process with experienced contractors and expert damage restoration services.

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Claims For Insurance Agents

Following a massive storm or other significant event, insurance agents get swamped with insurance claims. If you are an insurance professional, how can you get through all of them without missing a thing?

We offer a broad range of network professionals in our industry when you call us. We have verified that their finished quality meets our standards, allowing you a better range of service providers for your clients.

We also provide faster response times, helping you and the homeowner start reconstruction efforts sooner. By acting as the liaison between both parties, we can ensure that they receive structural and emotional support to make the process as simple as possible.

Our top priority is doing what’s best for your clients. When you need local damage restoration professionals now, you need us to help everyone involved.

Trusted Service Providers

We understand that following a major storm or natural disaster, it’s all too easy for scammers to take advantage of distraught homeowners. We do our best to put you at ease and know for sure that all your needs get met.

Our expert damage restoration professionals provide identification, and everyone on our team has the knowledge and experience you need to restore more items.

We communicate everything to you in clear terms, ensuring that you understand your options as well as the cost. We also wholly document everything with photos and descriptions to ensure that you don’t lose anything else.

Finally, everyone on staff goes through continuing education courses, which incorporate credit hours for insurance professionals and other industry groups. Only Rescue One Restoration takes your home as seriously as you do.