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Oahu Fire Damage Restoration

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Oahu Fire Damage Restoration

Although a house fire is among the worst fears for more people, they likely only think about the damage flames cause. However, in some cases, the smoke created in the home wreaked the most havoc.

When your home suffers fire damage, we go beyond what the flames did and remove all smoke, soot, and structural concerns to keep your home safe for longer.

Our team is the best around, with decades of experience cleaning up and restoring homes from harm. You can call us all day and night for any emergency for your home.

We have the experience you can rely on for the best results possible each time. When your home deserves the best local restoration options, you need Rescue One Restoration.

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Tips While You Wait

After more than 32 years of restoration service experience, we still provide the fastest responses to your call. However, while you’re waiting for your restoration team, there are a few things you can do to make the process smoother.

Chances are, you’ve received given verbal or written instructions concerning your home from the local fire department. Even though you want to remain inside your home, it isn’t safe to do so at this time.

If pets or children live in the home, keep them from where smoke damages walls and other surfaces. Even the remaining residue contains carcinogens and dangerous fumes that are hazardous to breathe.

Opening all of your windows can help eliminate the odors and help any damp areas dry out. Although it won’t completely remove the smell of smoke, it will improve odors by removing as much of it as you can before we arrive.

After you’ve called us, you’ll want to call your insurance agent and file a report. You are required by your policy to take action to mitigate the damages to your property, be it roof tarps, boarding up windows, or another way to secure the property.

If the fire caused your home to lose power, you’d want to empty your refrigerator and freezer as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll have even more health hazards to contend with than you already do.

To maximize your insurance claim’s effectiveness, you’ll need to document everything that needs replacements with photos or videos. You may need to create multiple copies depending on what agencies need to see them.

Avoid Toxic Fumes & Ash

Even when the flames get extinguished, it isn’t safe to be around many items in the home. Appliances release toxic fumes when exposed to fire, and ash can continue smoldering for days after the event.

Although you’re eager to clean up your house, now is not safe to wipe away messes from porous or absorbent surfaces. They are probably coated with toxic residues, putting your skin at risk of harm.

Be sure not to sit on any upholstered items or consume any food in the exposed area. Also, many think that turning on the air conditioning may help, but it winds up spreading dust, soot, smoke, and ash further throughout the home.

Even your plants are vulnerable at this time. Watering them when they have soot in and around their pots can accidentally poison them.

It’s best to leave the majority up to the professionals. Without the proper safety equipment, you may make yourself seriously ill or injured.

Our team offers full fire damage remediation services, including:

Since 1986, we’ve put our clients first in all regards. We know that you deserve the best repairs and restoration possible, and that’s why we only utilize the best technicians we can find.

Before we leave, we use an extensive checklist to ensure that you remain safe. We even help you deal with complex insurance claims, helping you get everything you need for a normal life once more.

House fires are more common than homeowners like to consider. Everything from dryer vents to cooking surfaces is a potential fire risk.

Whether the stove was left on before you went to work, or an accidental fire broke out from chemicals in the garage, we can restore them all. Whatever caused your home to burn, we can help you.

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There are few situations as stressful as dealing with a building fire. When you need someone who can help restore your home or business to how it should be, Rescue One Restoration is the best choice for any disaster.

Call us 24-hours a day for your emergency damage restoration services. We are here for you each day with the best repair options around.