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Oahu Cleaning & Deodorizing

Hawaii smoke odor elimination, soot removal, & mold remediation services.

If you are like many homeowners, sometimes, your home still smells old and musty no matter how much you clean. What you might not know is that lingering odors come from a source more in-depth than what general use cleaners can reach.

When air fresheners and aerosol sprays aren’t enough to make your home smell fresh again, you need Rescue One Restoration to help your house. We clean carpet flooring, upholstery surfaces, tile, grout, and more, removing odor and bacteria from more areas.

Our experienced cleaning technicians ensure that your home gets that fresh smell again. We can remove odors virtually anywhere by removing more contaminants, stains, and dust from deep under surfaces.

If you are tired of living with lingering cooking smells and pet odors, you need us to help you. Call now and schedule us for your freshest home.

Air Duct Cleaning

Deep within your air vents, bacteria, mold, pollen, and other contaminants are keeping you ill. However, cleaning your home’s airways makes you safer, keeps your home smelling fresh, and reduces the stress on your heating and cooling system.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is what put us on the map in the first place. Let us assist you with the best expert carpet cleaning solutions to restore your flooring to like new again.

Carpet Overspray

Are kids continually spilling drinks on your rugs, or are your pets always making a mess? Let us keep your carpets guarded with overspray protection, preventing stains before they set in.

Some smells are merely more stubborn than others. If you are sick of your home smelling like a pet store, we have the solution for any odors sticking around.

Trauma Scene Clean Up

Biological stains require a different set of cleaning equipment than everyday messes. Our team is fully prepared to tackle your most dangerous messes, renewing your home to its previous condition.

Upholstery Surface Cleaning

Window drapes and upholstered furniture are often the culprits of many odors. We can extract any stain, smell, and more from any surface with professional steam cleaning.

Tile, Grout, & Hard Flooring Cleaning

Over time, grout yellows and tile traps dust and dirt, making your home appear much older than it is. We can restore any hard surface to appear like new, no matter how dirty it may have become.

Carpet Spot Treatment

Some carpet flooring stains require additional care to remove. Even stains that you thought would remain permanently are no match for Rescue One Restoration.