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Oahu Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

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Oahu Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

Do you remember what your carpet floors looked like when they first got installed? Chances are, if you are like many homeowners, they now appear nothing like they once did.

Over time, dirt, dust, debris, and stains all wear away at your carpet’s appearance, leaving behind the matted fabric and lingering odors. The only way to renew them to their previous condition is with Rescue One Restoration.

We extract more stains from carpet flooring than anyone else around. Whether you have pets at home, children, or can’t get rid of musty smells; we are the best choice for your house every day.

Go beyond what vacuum and bottled cleaning products can do and enjoy what professional steam cleaning can achieve. We guarantee a fresher home each time that you call us.

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Complete Carpet Solutions

Carpet steam extraction does more than keep your rugs looking new. We are also extracting odors, stains, and lingering air contaminants in the process.

By the time we’ve finished restoring your home, it will look, feel, and smell cleaner than ever before. We achieve the same level of freshness that you would get by completely replacing your flooring at a portion of the cost and time.

Even if you regularly clean your home or vacuum floors, you aren’t removing all of the allergens and pollutants you think you are getting. Professional carpet cleaning services are the only way to create the cleanest, safest environment.

When you choose us, we can renew your carpets and extend their useful service life. Call us today and let us fully refresh your home with the best in local steam extraction cleaning.

Whole Home Services

Whether you have one specific room that remains stained and smelly, or you need complete home Spring Cleaning, we can handle it all. From water damaged flooring to smelly upholstery surfaces, we can eliminate more odors and spots than anyone else.

Dropped lipstick, spilled ketchup, rusty metal and red wine are no match for our experienced technicians. For over 32 years, we’ve provided the best in steam extraction services for more homeowners.

Our team remains fully certified, and they are armed with a truck-mounted cleaning system that is fast, convenient, and won’t damage your belongings. The heated steam kills odor forming bacteria, and loosens more stains from carpet fibers than any other cleaning method.

No matter where you have stains and smells that just won’t leave you alone, our team can eliminate them all fast. Call us today and schedule us for your home and experience the best in steam stain removal.

How Does It Work?

We coat your carpets and rugs in a pretreatment solution that won’t discolor, fade, or bleach your fabric surfaces. Once it sets in, the answer is agitated into the carpets, breaking down stains before they get extracted.

The industrial vacuum remains mounted to the truck, allowing us the freedom to reach even the hardest areas inside our home. As the heated water vapor penetrates the carpet, it reaches down into the padding, where bacteria loves to hide.

The steam also finishes breaking down dried stains and ground-in debris, allowing us to remove more carpet contaminants than any other method. Your surfaces remain sanitized, deodorized, and ready for you once more.

Once we’ve finished with your carpets, the only thing left to do is allow them to dry. If you think restoring your floors will take a ton of effort, call us for a simple and affordable solution.

Why Have Us On Your Team?

You could spend thousands on replacement flooring, and it could take weeks to finalize its installations. Instead, we can help you maintain your rugs, allowing them to appear like new in a matter of hours.

Since 1986, we’ve helped more homeowners keep their carpet flooring looking their best the simple way. When you need the best carpet stain extraction and steam cleaning solutions, you can always rely on Rescue One Restoration.