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Board Up Service Honolulu

It doesn’t matter what broke your home or business’s windows, and what does matter is keeping the rest of the building secured until the glass can get replaced.

Following an act of nature or vandalism, you must keep the elements out or face structural issues later. When you call Rescue One Restoration for your building board-ups, we ensure that your home remains safe and secured from further harm.

You can call us for all your concerns, be it weather and water damage, broken glass, forced entry damages, and more. We’ve helped more area residents and business owners since 1986, giving you the level of dedication that you need to stay safe.

We’ve already seen it all, and we want to help secure your building today. Call now to schedule us and keep your home or office protected.

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Roof Tarp Overs

Windows and doors aren’t the only aspects of your building that can get damaged. Most water damage mold and mildew growth come from leaking roofs.

When your roofs are damaged, or the roofing company won’t be available for a while, you need a way to prevent further water from spreading. We offer professional roof tarp over service, shielding your home until it gets repaired.

Otherwise, you only leave the building open to animals, rodents, bugs, and other pest infestations. Even damaged, you must protect your roof from minimizing your repair costs.

You can call us any time, 24-hours each day, for the best in board-up and roof tarping services. Request your free estimate today, and let us discuss your options.

Expert Quality Repairs

The only thing worse than having broken windows or damaged roofs are needing to stay somewhere else until your home is secured. However, unless our team boards your house up, you may not have the opportunity to remain home.

Our technique goes beyond keeping people out of a damaged building. Most services only block the entrance, but we ensure that it stays airtight to prevent heating and cooling drafts.

And unlike the cheap wood panels and other poor-quality barriers, your home will remain safe enough to stay in while you wait for your repair contractors. Our board-ups provide you and your family with a real sense of security.

For the best defense against water, wind, and pest damage, our roof tarp services prevent anything from intruding into your home. When you need superior protection to keep your home safe, you can always rely on us.

Prevent Damage From Happening

As time goes on, a storm will develop sooner or later that is potentially catastrophic. How can you ensure that your belongings will weather the disaster?

We provide the same quality board-up and tarping services to mitigate potential damage from happening in the first place. We can offer our best preventative services to shield windows, doors, roofs, and even garage doors.

These items are consistently the most vulnerable to storm damage and natural disasters. If you do not own shutters and storm shields and don’t have access to board-up supplies, we will gladly prepare your home.

Your house and family are too precious to risk to chance. Just call us to secure your structures when you know that dangerous storms are headed your way.

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No matter what aspects of your home get damaged, our team can secure your building and rebuild it all. We offer faster service responses and better-quality completions to more area homeowners than anyone else.

When you need to know that your home is getting the best protection possible, you need Rescue One Restoration to secure your home or business. Call us today for your free quote or better security now.