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Oahu Fire & Water Restoration

Whether your home as scorched by flames or drowned by ruptured plumbing pipes, your home needs a helping hand. Unfortunately, unless you act quickly, your restoration needs can get wildly expensive.

Immediately following fire or water damage, you need Rescue One Restoration. We move in fast to prevent significant components from suffering the same fate the rest of the area already did.

For more than 32 years, we’ve helped more Oahu residents get their lives back in order with prompt, reliable service. You can reach us 24-hours, day or night, for quicker response times and expert repairs.

Contact us today for all your home restoration needs. We can clear it all away faster than anyone else around.

Fire leaves behind more than heat damage and fried books. Once items inside your house catch fire, they likely release toxic fumes, which mixed with the smoke, soot, and ash can linger and make you sick.

The longer smoke and chemical residue remain, the deeper it seeps into the surface material. Only through swift responses and experienced restoration can your home become safe once more.

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Structural Drying

While we may rely on water to survive, it’s devastating to items that must remain dry. If you are concerned about your house’s structural integrity, let us know for sure with structural drying.

By removing as much moisture from the air, carpets, and other surfaces, we can give your home a better chance of recovery. And by drying your home as quickly as we can, we reduce the risk of mold, mildew, and bacteria growth from happening.

All water needs to leave your home devasatted is 48 hours. After that, the moisture becomes so settled in that nothing is safe to keep around.

Unfortunately, carpet dryers and vacuums can only do so much on their own. When you call us, we provide a broad range of industrial equipment to make quick work of drying out your home.

Mold and mildew spores thrive in hot, moist environments. When your home suffers through water damage, you likely have to contend with mold growth.

By removing the source of the water, Rescue One Restoration can treat problem areas, ensuring that they get prevented from growing further. We’ll have your home dry and safe for you and your family fast.