How To Remove Cigarette Odor In Your House

How To Remove Cigarette Smoke Odor In Your House

How To Remove Smoke Odor In Your House

The smell of cigarette and cigar smoke is unique and pervasive, such that non-smokers will immediately notice it once they enter a room. Successfully getting rid of this smell from any space, like a room, garage, study, or foyer will require the right tools and the appropriate preparation. Removing cigarette smoke odor from your home can be a challenging task so here are some tips to make it easier.

Preventing A Lasting Smell

One key component in making the job easier is preparing the area that will be exposed to the cigarette smoke. Having continuous airflow going out of the room through open windows or doors will help ensure that the smell of cigarettes will not stick around. Ash and ashtrays should be taken out of the rooms as soon as possible. If a room or area will be designated as a smoking area, minimizing the amount of cloth or other fabrics in the room will reduce the amount of odor that will be left behind.

Unwanted Exposure

However, a lot of the time there will be no chance to prepare your home for cigarette smoke exposure. Rude guests can sometimes smoke in areas that have no air exhaust and thus would be difficult to clean. In this scenario, quick action on the side of the homeowner can be critical to reducing the resulting odor left behind. Immediate removal of all cigarette butts an ash needs to be done. Then exposing the room to outside air by opening a window will help a lot. The homeowner can use appliances like a box fan to increase the airflow to the outside and facilitate proper ventilation. If an odor still remains, it is time to take steps to clean the contents of the room.

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Cleaning Up The Content

The first place to start would be the hard surfaces of the room. These would be the walls, doors, floors, fans, and other solid areas exposed to the smoke. One can make use of a white vinegar and hot water solution, mixed in 50/50 proportions, to wipe down all surfaces. This solution can be used with a spray bottle so that it would be easier to apply to all surfaces. Have a couple of clean rags at hand so that you can replace each one as they become too dirty and thus lose effectiveness in cleaning. Be very thorough and wipe down every object in the room as cigarette smoke residue can remain even in small items like decorations and frames.

Fabric Problems

Fabrics exposed to cigarette smoke are the most difficult to deal with. Laundry safe fabrics can be cleaned by using a ½ cup vinegar solution instead of regular detergent in the washing machine, followed by a regular wash cycle. Items that are difficult to wash due to size or placement can be deodorized by baking soda. Sprinkle carpet and upholstery with baking soda and let that sit for a few days, then vacuum it up. Repeat the process if it is needed. If you have access to a steam cleaner, that would also be a very effective way of clearing out smoke odor. Sometimes removing cigarette smoke odor from your home will require the disposal of items that can no longer be cleaned of smoke residue. Finally, air filters in your HVAC system should also be replaced so that any odor stuck in them will not recirculate once you turn the system on.

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