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How To Prevent Mold Growth

How To Prevent Mold Growth

Preventing Mold From Developing In Your Home

Do you know what’s better than getting rid of mold in your home? It’s preventing mold from growing in your home in the first place. Here’s a list of things to do for mold prevention:

  1. Inspect your home for moisture-prone areas. Curbing moisture is the key to mold prevention. Find these potential problem spots so you can devise solutions to control the moisture there.
  2. If you find wet spots, these must be dried right away, and they should be completely dry within 24 to 48 hours.
  3. Dry your walls and floor after a shower.
  4. If you have carpeting in a basement that’s damp, rip up the carpet. In fact, remove bedding and furniture when they get wet due to flooding.
  5. Put in mold-resistant products, like mold-resistant drywall or sheetrock.
  6. If you have damaged gutters, repair or replace them.
  7. Don’t leave various wet items lying around your home.
  8. Never leave your wet clothes in your washing machine, as that will provide a nice environment for mold. Instead, hang them outside to dry. Pick spots with good air circulation if you have to hang them indoors.
  9. Provide proper ventilation for your home. This is especially crucial for the high-moisture areas like your bathrooms, laundry room, and kitchen.
  10. Vent your moisture-producing appliances like stoves and clothes dryers to the outside.
  11. Use dehumidifiers and air conditioners. Improve the air circulation in your home.
  12. You may also run an exhaust fan or even open a window when you’re taking a shower, cooking, or washing dishes.
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