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  • During a time of disaster, there are only a few things you can control and do.
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  • From damage restoration to reconstruction.
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Water Damage Restoration & Cleanup

Ruptured pipes and severe weather damage are all too familiar to Hawaii residents and business owners. Whether your property sustained torrential rain and flooding, leaking roofs, or a busted pipe, we'll restore your home from start to end - and even beyond! And with our industrial Rapid Drying Technology, we're able to restore your home faster than other companies.

Fire Damage & Restoration

When the smoke clears away, and the flames are out, our team steps up to restore your home. We remove all structural evidence of fire damage, as well as lingering soot, smoke, fumes, and chemical residues. Using industry-certified cleaning methods, we guarantee that your building is restored and constructed back to code quickly.

Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets mean a clean home or office. However, they are created to capture dust and dirt to prevent it from getting tracked elsewhere. Over time, that trapped dirt makes your carpets look old and worn. We can renew them with steam cleaning and extraction, removing more contaminants than any other technique.

Mold Removal

It takes an experienced hand to remove all of your mold spores safely. Mold doesn’t only attack your respiratory system, but it can irritate your skin and eyes, and it can cause many lingering health problems. Don’t put yourself at risk when dealing with mold. Instead, let our experts keep your family protected with professional mold removal service.

Full-Service Reconstruction

Reconstruction begins with securing your property and paving the way for repairs. We offer expert entrance board-ups, roof tarping services, and a broad range of construction options to restore any home or business. We strive to remain your one-stop-shop reconstruction and restoration service.

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24/7 Emergency Response

There’s no perfect time for a disaster to happen. Disasters are out of your control. But, what you can do is take control of what you do after it happens. We understand your stress. Call us, at Rescue One Restoration anytime and we’ll take care of the rest.

Peace Of Mind

You already have too much to worry about. With Rescue One, we ensure our job is done right the first time. Our Hawaii restoration technicians are certified, trained, and licensed to fulfill your home recovery needs. So, don’t stress over the mess. That’s our job. All you have to do is contact us.

Get Back On Your Feet Faster

Get through this phase as quick as possible. Our Rescue One Restoration team constantly stays up to date with the latest in restoration technology to help you move past any disaster fast.

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Certified Restoration Technicians

Certified Restoration Technicians (Water, Fire, Mold)

24 Hour Emergency Restoration Service

24/7 Emergency Service

Latest Restoration Service Equipment

Latest Equipment & Technology

Restoration Service Free Estimates & Upfront Pricing

Free Estimates & Upfront Pricing

Professional Restoration Services

Professional, Certified, Service Oriented Technicians

Certified & Licensed Restoration Services

NACT Certified & Consistent Training

Satisfaction Guaranteed Restoration Services

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Insurance Claims

Whether you need help completing your insurance claim forms, or you represent a client who needs help now, we are here to serve our community. We quickly and accurately assess property damage, as well as provide the fastest repairs possible to prevent further damage from happening.

Residential Restoration

From accidental house fires to severe storm damage, we can clean, repair, and restore any items that have gotten damaged. We offer a broad range of remediation services to remove mold, clean carpets, eliminate lingering odors, and keep your family safe.

Commercial Restoration Services

A day not operating your company is time not generating profits or helping customers. As fellow local business owners, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to commercial restoration.

Let us clean and restore your company, making it safe for employees and customers once more.

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Why Choose R1?